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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pics taken during the MOA signing with DEPED

Ok, I have no choice. Gloria is included as we were having the signing ceremonies for the MOA between PULL Foundation (the Foundation established by the Rotarians for the MEGUMI Reader project) and the Department of Education.

It has been really busy at work.... So, to compensate for my long absence here, I am posting these work-related pics.

That's me and Ella, the M and E Officer for DEPED Adopt-A-School Program
That's Secretary Lapus, who by the way got the highest public-approval rating conducted by Pulse Asia Survey in July 2008.

These are my bosses who happens to be so nice and so sincere, Mr. Tambunting and Mr. Gamboa. I believe that working with them under this project also makes me a better person. I hope things continue to work out in this worthwhile endeavor.
That's Ella, Sir Jorge Caparas (Son of the MEGUMI Reader Prime Mover, MAT Caparas), Roel of DEPED, and Rowel from UP who is also the lead software developer for the MEGUMI Project. This was a good day for us. The smiles reveal all that! =)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Time to Work. Time to Play.

Gone are my days of reading books without interruption or finishing various TV series in DVDs. Work has been very very very busy!

Well, I did anticipate this so I went on a weekend get-away but right after that, my weekdays and weekends have been all about work!

The book I am reading, "The Kite Runner" isn't finished yet. Good thing it's a holiday tomorrow so I intend to do some reading, although I have work lined up to do as well.

I also miss spending time with my dear pets! But I intend to "walk the dogs" this weekend.

By the way, I am about to have a new fish pet - a flowerhorn! Turns out my boss has this fish pond somewhere in Malolos and he breeds flowerhorns. They say it's lucky when it is given as a gift, so here's hoping I get luckier! =)

The break tomorrow will give me time to set up a new fish tank for my new pet.

I'm sleepy now... Till then.